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Abstract Continuations (Preliminary & Final)

Definition:  A Preliminary Continuation of an abstract is simply the showing of all the documents filed of public record affecting the chain of title to a given parcel of land since the abstract was last continued.  This typically is much less involved than a new Root of Title Abstract.  Typical showings include Deeds, Mortgages and Easements.  In addition, we show any unreleased liens or judgments as well as the property tax status.   Similarly, a Final Continuation is a showing of all the documents filed of public record affecting the chain of title to a given parcel of land since the Preliminary Continuation was done.  This is typically done at the time of filing of a new Deed and/or Mortgage.  The time between the Preliminary and Final Continuation is typically a few months or less. 

When to Order:  A Preliminary Continuation is often required in the following situations:

  1. when the current owner wants to refinance an existing mortgage
  2. when the current owner wants to take out a new mortgage
  3. when the property is being sold 

A Final Continuation is often required when a new Deed and/or Mortgage have been filed.   

Time to Prepare:  Preparation of a Preliminary Continuation can take up to two weeks to complete if the continuation is especially complex and there are lots of new documents to show in the abstract.  However, most Preliminary Continuations require only a few days to complete.  Preparation of a Final Continuation requires a few days at most.  However, it is not uncommon for lenders to require that we show the release of a prior mortgage.  Release of the prior mortgage often takes many weeks, and sometimes many months. 

Cost:  The cost of preparing a Preliminary Continuation is highly variable but depends on the number of documents that have to be shown in the abstract and the assessed value of the property.  Most Preliminary Continuations costs between $150 and $300.  Some are less but some are significantly more.  Final Continuations typically cost $150.

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